Selected Historical Plays

Captain Ferguson's School For Balloon Warfare


Inspired by events surrounding World War I, Captain Ferguson’s School for Balloon Warfare chronicles U.S. Army Captain Thomas Ferguson’s struggle to turn canvas observational balloons into armed attack vehicles against Kaiser Wilhelm. The production, a solo performance with original video projections, historical photos and interactive sound design, is an absurd yet moving ode to patriotism and misguided genius. Captain Ferguson illuminates a period in American history not usually viewed from this perspective — looking up.


  • Premiered Off-Broadway at 59E59 Theaters in August 2011.  Directed by Philip Emeott and featured David Nelson in the role of Captain Ferguson.

  • Transfered in August 2012 for a run in Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland.

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The March of the Bonus Army
Six actors use text and period music to illuminate a little known US historical event when in 1932 WWI veterans marched on Washington to demand a bonus they were promised, but never received.


  • Created and commissioned by Hofstra University as part of the "Democracy in Performance" series, held in conjunction with the 2012 Presidential debate held at the university.

  • Remounted in the Fall of 2014 in NYC at CAP21 Studios. Directed by Cindy Rosenthal and featured Samantha Marie Cunha, Tom Frank,* Rita McCann, Ian Patrick Poake, Jude Sandy* & Christian Thiel Titus.  *AEA Approved Showcase​​

  • "A Veteran's Protest Play" interview with the playwright and director.


Undeclared History
 A love story between returning veteran, who lost an arm fighting in Vietnam and a young woman trying to find her place in all of the protests and chaos of the late 60s and early 70s. Based on true events that occurred on the campus of Hofstra University during the time period.


  • Created and commissioned by Hofstra University Drama and Dance Department.  Events and dialogue were created researching the history of the university and conducting interviews with alumni.

  • Premiered in the Sping of 2011. Directed by Cindy Rosenthal and featured an all-student cast and crew.


Little Eva


A courtroom drama based on the true story of Eva Coo, an upstate NY “roadside madam” who, during the depths of the Great Depression, took out a number of insurance policies on her handyman, then drove her unsuspecting  victim to a secluded mountain and bludgeoned him to death with a wooden mallet. Her trial (held in the birthplace of baseball, Cooperstown, NY) attracted media attention from across the country. Her story came to an end in June of 1935 when she was executed in Sing Sing Prison by means of the electric chair.


  • Created and commissioned by the Greater Milford Historical Association in Central New York.

  • Premiered in the Summer of 2009, with a weekend of performances held in the actual courtroom where Eva Coo's trial was held.

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