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                           Captain Ferguson's School For Balloon Warfare
"...a canny mix of hearty appreciation and gentle mockery...At once triumphant and tragic, it gives the evening a gravitas that makes it more than just a lot of hot air. " -NY POST

"Thanks to Isaac Rathbone's informative script, the statistics of aerial warfare turn into a verbal ballet, and the authentic world of Heath Robinson-like balloons more than justifies the recurrent humor." -The Stage (UK)

“Ferguson’s quest is the quest of all creative, imaginative people who challenge conventional wisdom and conventional understandings of creativity.” -David Roberts, Theatre Critic  


                                        The March of the Bonus Army
"Together writer Isaac Rathbone and his talented cast vivdly re-tell a story most Americans have never heard...Isaac's conscious and heartfelt choice to write about these forgotten men plays importance in our society still today." -Stage Buddy

                                        The Gnome


"This funny and hopeful play is, in many ways, the story of those who lose themselves, hoping to be found again. " -The Washington County News

                                                               Breakfast For Dinner


"...a darkly comic sucessfully held me in the grips of paranoia from start to finish...crafty manipulation of audience anxiety...It's a credit to Rathbone's dexterity that both styles are rendered skillyfully." -NY

                                                                           Little Eva


"Taut and commanding. Fast-paced, crisp, gripping and unsettling!" -Freeman's Journal

                                                      Hold the Bus
"A humorous, somewhat sinister play."-Providence Journal
"A gem of understated storytelling development and packs a quiet little punch a the end." -The Phoenix
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